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Over my 25 year career as a driver I have heard horror stories of DAC issues and PSP issues. I had been blessed to end with a clean record. 
But not everyone has had that fortune. So we went and gathered some tools to help driver dispute and repair your background. 
We hope these are useful or even a career fixer.
I highly suggest pulling all reports once a year like your credit report to be sure everything is reported correctly. 


What is a –  DAC report provides information on the period of service, equipment operated, loads hauled, driver status and experience, reason for leaving, rehire eligibility, number of accidents with accident detail, drug and alcohol histories including pre-employment test results, and truck driving school performance records.

What is a – PSP stands for Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP). Established in 2010, this program allows prospective carriers, industry personnel and drivers review drivers‘ safety records from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Motor Carrier Management Information System

Don’t forget to get a current copy of your MVR Motor Vehicle Report. 

Need a accident report ? Find one here. This is a paid service but very helpful. 

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